Digital logistics

follow us into the new era

At Necto, we understand
that intelligent data management
is the basis for business development.

Especially in an industry that requires flexible organization and management based on information processed instantly.

Since 2017, we have been supporting companies from the TSL sector in the automation and digitization of key processes. In doing so, we rely on reliable and just-in-time data – not hypotheses.

So far, we have completed 30 large programming projects for transport, logistics and forwarding. We know how to precisely settle costs on a particular transport order. The financial data (and results) of our clients are very important to us. Necto’s knowledge of the TSL industry and enterprise budget management has allowed us to create a system in which the client has access to e.g. to the margin level not only on the order but also deeper on the service level.

Data potential

automatic aggregation/allocation at income and cost levels, access to financial and operational ratios, intuitive interface


Improved processes

easy analysis and interpretation, inspiration for revealing conclusions, holistic view (BIG PICTURE)


Concrete effects

smart control, more creative business ideas (based on facts and figures), higher profitability of the company in many areas, e.g. in financial